Axe Junkies Waterford


"It's Throwing Axes..."

Axe Junkies Waterford


"It's Throwing Axes..."

What is Urban Axe Throwing?

What is Urban Axe Throwing?

Think of it as darts but with an axe!


We think it’s one of the most exciting and fun activities that you can do. Did we mention how satisfying hitting a bullseye is!


You’ll be slinging axes side by side against your friends or colleagues, hitting bullseyes and cheering on your mates. All backed up with great music and atmosphere and a chance to socialise between throws.


Our experienced throwing instructors will get you throwing like a pro in no time. Then once you’ve got the hang of it we’ll take you and your group through a tournament until the king or queen of axes is crowned.

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Axe Junkies is for absolutely anyone! Whether you have a business and you want to do a team building day at your office, Whether you have a wedding, stag do, hen do or you just want axe throwing as part of a fun group activity for you and your friends.  Our sessions last 1 Hour. Remember though, all of our events require every participant to be 18+!

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How Does It Work?

Our instructors will kick off your 1 hour axetravaganza with a safety briefing and then move on to the throwing techniques you’ll need to get you sinking some axes. Once you’ve got the hang of that, it’s onto the tournament.
You’ll get one point for an outer ring, three for the inner ring, five for a bullseye and, if you’re feeling lucky you can bet it all and aim for the tiny seven-point corner spots!

How To Throw An Axe

Step 1

step 1 axe throwing

Place both hands on the axe. Firm like you’re holding a Hurley. Make sure the blade is perfectly straight.

Step 2

step 2 axe throwing

Bring the axe back, over your head, similar to the motion of throwing a football over your head. Lean back.

Step 3

step 3 axe throwing

Bring the axe forward, in a fast motion and release with your arms extended forward.

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